Mortgage mis-selling – were you sold the correct mortgage?

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Our system will assess your mortgage contract dynamically and establish if there are issues that are viable to make as complaint with regards to your mortgage. For security, results of assessments will only be emailed to the enquirer.

Our specialist area of knowledge is connected with mortgage and MCOB regulations. (Mortgage applications after November 1st 2004)

We undertake to make an assessment completely free without obligation, then you choose the choice of action required,

We are happy to consider any MCOB regulated contract and offer our free independent opinion regarding your mortgage.

Instruction will be required in order for further investigations regarding any full expert report.

Our opinion will provide you with information to assist deciding whether your case is worth pursuing against a Building Society, Bank and any/or other third party mortgage advisors and/or networks.

Our assessments are private and confidential.

This assessment could save you further frustration, worry, time and expense.

Instruction will be required to proceed further. As an expert we provide you with a free assessment and information as to issues that may be worth pursuing or directly challenge your mortgage lender or mortgage advisor regarding their advice and recommendation.

  • I have over 30 years of experience in the financial service industry, and includes understanding the regulators, FSCS, MCCB, MCOB, and FCA.
  • I hold the following certificates: CeMap 1, 2, and 3.
  • I am prepared to discuss and verbally assess your concerns.

Our software system can produce historic building society and bank data, including interest rates, available from the whole of market, prime and sub-prime markets and dating from 1st November 2004.

Our historic search can include the following:

  • MCOB post regulation data November 1st 2004 onwards.
  • UK Nationwide lender information.
  • Whole of market mortgage brokers.
  • Subprime – and prime lending institutions.
  • Variable rates.
  • Fixed rates.
  • Bank base rate.
  • Tracker rates.

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